Year 6 to 7 Transition at Mary Webb School and Science College

Transition at any part of a student's education is very important to us.

Year 6 to Year 7 transition at Mary Webb School and Science College

Aiming to keep the social and academic threads intact.

Transition at any part of a student’s education is very important to us. Whether it is moving up to secondary school from primary school, moving schools, entering a new Key Stage or moving on to post-16 education or training.

KS2 – KS3 Transition

Year 5 STEM day – summer term

All Year 5 from our local primary schools spend the day with us during ‘Transition Week’ in the summer term. They work with Science and Technology staff.

Open Evening

All departments welcome Year 5 and 6 pupils and parents/carers to the school early in the autumn term.

Junior Scientists

After school science club for Year 6, weekly from November to February. Run by the Science Department and student Science Leaders. Hands-on science and great excitement for large numbers!

STEM roadshow and STEM Week Challenge Day for Y6

Year 10 students travel out to their primary schools to deliver a STEM roadshow. These have included ‘Wonderful Worms’, ‘Cracking Crystals’, ‘Super-Structures’ and ‘Pioneering Pollinators’.

Sporting, musical and drama links during KS2

Area Head’s meetings

The cluster of schools local to MWS meet every half term to discuss shared priorities. This results in collaborative projects and cluster training.

Mary Webb School English, Maths and Science exercise books are used by Year 6 during the summer term ready to transfer to their Year 7 teachers. This includes a KS2-3 maths project.

Data transfer begins in May

Pupil information transfer keep academic threads intact. This information is used to create tutor groupings in time for the Year 6 transition days.

Changes at KS2 in curriculum and assessment.

There are a number of cluster moderation sessions run and MWS staff attend where appropriate.

Transition visits

Mrs Mould meets every Year 6 coming to Mary Webb School to answer questions they have about starting secondary school. The SENCos also meet to discuss SEND pupils and strategies required.

Transition days

Two transition days are held in the summer term for Year 6. One day is a teambuilding focus, meeting their tutor and visiting the library. During the second day, they experience a ‘normal’  5 lesson day. Every Year 6 is given a reading book to enjoy over the summer holidays.

There are additional SEND afternoons for students who need extra time to adjust.

Transition evening for parents/carers

This evening is for parents and carers: they meet their child’s tutor and find out more about starting secondary school.


Initial Transition Letter 2019

Year 6 Information 2019

To Parents/Carers regarding the Induction Evening 2019 – information coming soon