Personalised Learning

Tailored education at its best!

The aims of the Personalised Learning Department are:

  • to enable all students to access a broad, balanced curriculum;
  • to enhance the self-esteem of the students;
  • to enable students to acquire the skills and knowledge so that they may achieve their full potential;
  • to develop a resource of learning materials;
  • to provide expertise and support for students and staff across the curriculum.

When your son or daughter is admitted to Mary Webb School and Science College, we assess his or her learning needs by taking into account:

  • information from their primary school;
  • reports from outside agencies who may have been involved;
  • Key Stage 2 results;
  • assessments of their reading, spelling and writing ability carried out on entry to the Mary Webb School and Science College.

All students spend the majority of their time in mainstream lessons.  Some teaching assistants support SEND students with high needs and those needing additional support for literacy and numeracy. Provision is also made for students exceeding the expected standards for their age.

In addition, some students benefit from intervention sessions to ensure that they have a secure grasp of essential skills, e.g. we organise literacy progress classes aimed at students who didn’t quite achieve English Level 4 at Key Stage 2.

Any student who needs support with literacy or numeracy can seek help from the Personalised Learning Department.  There are always members of staff available at break and lunchtimes.

Head of Personalised Learning and Transition

Personalised Learning Coordinator


Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs. L Bowen

Mrs. S Bunn

Mrs. V Chilton

Mr. A Davies-Friend

Miss. A Donnelly

Miss. L Errington

Miss. E Harrison

Miss. F Louise

Miss. C Richards

Mrs. R Richards

Mr. J Thacker

Mr. S Williams

Mrs. A Wootton

Mrs. L Zaza


Mrs. A Simpson

Mrs. C Waddoups