eSafety @ Mary Webb School

Keeping students safe online

We realise that the online world is integral to how children learn and stay in touch with their friends. However, we also appreciate that with this use of technology, can come some risks.

This is why we build eSafety into our curriculum work. Ensuring that students know how to stay safe online is an important part of twenty-first century education. An effective partnership between school and home is crucial to supporting students in staying safe.

We have a strong Policy and Acceptable Use Agreement for students, staff, governors and visitors alike. We have built a range of eSafety sessions into the curriculum that help students understand a wide range of eSafety issues.

We think that it is important to educate and help parents and carers to understand how to reduce the risks of new technologies and help their child / children remain safe online. For more information about eSafety please use the following website: