Lights! Camera! Action!

There are two dedicated Drama Studios for lessons giving access to a stage for rehearsals, performances and assessments with lighting and sound.

Years 8 and 9

Drama is introduced to students as a discrete subject in Year 8. Students study a range of performance genres including physical theatre and monologues and develop an understanding of how drama communicates with an audience through the application of skills. Students gain practical knowledge of how to devise and script a performance.

In Year 9 students work on pantomime and participate in devising and creating their own performances as well as developing their ability to write extended pieces of work about their performances in the form of self-evaluation. Students are also encouraged to develop their grasp of how to use a play script to convey ideas to an audience.

Students study a GCSE course that allows them to devise, perform, direct and produce their own drama.  The course is a combination of practical and examination and involves devising a piece of theatre, studying a published play and performing scenes from it.  There is a final written examination based upon the play studied and a live performance seen.  To prepare students for this GCSE, there is a need to participate in theatre visits, workshops and live performances in school.