Design & Technology

Measure twice. Cut once.

Technology subjects help students to make sense of an increasingly technological world.  Technology lessons allow students to demonstrate creativity, effective planning, research skills, practical skills and an ability to communicate clearly.

The Design and Technology department teaches using a number of different material areas:  food, textiles, product design, electronics and construction.  Each aspect of Design and Technology is delivered in well-equipped, dedicated workshops that allow students to develop their ideas using the latest technology and to experiment using a range of materials.

Year 7
Activities are varied and provide opportunities to design and make products with a particular focus on safe working practice. The projects give students experience of using equipment they may not have encountered before such as a laser cutter. Each project involves elements of design, manufacture and evaluation and introduces some of the wider issues in design, such as sustainability.

Years 8 and 9
As students progress into Years 8 and 9, the project work becomes more sophisticated; students start to develop their own designs using the skills and techniques covered in Year 7. Students will rotate around the material areas, giving them an opportunity to hone their skills in each area.

The workshops are frequently busy out of lesson time as students are very keen to complete their work to a high standard and take it home.

Students can opt to take one or more of the suite of GCSE subjects that are currently offered in Design and Technology, including GCSEs in Design and Technology, Food Preparation and Nutrition and the BTEC Certificate in Construction and The Built Environment.